10 Benefits of Taking Up Freelance Jobs

Benefits of Freelance Jobs

There are so many ways to make money today. If you have something useful to offer, more often than not, someone’s willing to pay for it. But it’s easy to shy away from making freelance work a bigger part of your life.

It’s a big responsibility — you’re directly in control of how much you make. You have to find clients that are willing to pay for your services, adhere to the deadlines set by those clients and, above all, you have to market yourself and your brand image, so you have a steady inflow of new clients.

But there’s so much more to freelancing. It can liberate you, empower you and perhaps even make you feel happier about the work you’re producing. Here are a few advantages that work from home jobs bring to the table

1. Hit that snooze button

This seems like the most obvious one, but it’s one people tend to disregard quickest. When you do online work from home, you can decide what your most productive hours are and slot your work into those areas of the day when you feel most comfortable working. You could decide to work from 6-12 and take the rest of the day off, or you could work in the evenings and sleep all morning.

A study conducted by researchers at Stanford University claims that working more than 50 hours a week could be detrimental to your mental and physical health. So hit that snooze button. The only thing that matters is that you produce what your client needs by the deadline.

2. The world is your office

Tired of sitting at your desk? Use the sofa. Go to the coffee shop or sit under a tree. There are no physical restrictions. As long as you have the equipment you need to get your work done, you’re pretty much set. You could even take a vacation in the middle of the week, working a few hours a day during the holiday.

Benefits of Freelance Jobs

Since you report directly to your client, it doesn’t matter where you are or how you plan to get something done, just as long as you complete the task given to you.

3. Pick who you work with

Have you ever been stuck working with someone who has completely different morals or ideals than you do? It’s not the most conducive space to produce quality work.

With freelancing, you can choose not to work with them and pick the kind of people you do want to work with. The best quality work comes from comfortable relationships and this time, it’s your decision.

4. No more politics

No more internally screaming at Karen to shut up while smiling during a conversation with them at the coffee machine. No more ranting about how your boss doesn’t understand you and gives you too much work. No more colleagues trying to take credit for what you did.

It’s just you and your client trying to work out a convenient and comfortable scenario where you both benefit. And that’s how business should be.

5. Have the cake and eat it too

When you work from home, you can be both the employee and the boss. You get to make the decisions you think are best for your work and mental wellbeing, and that’s good for everyone involved.

Benefits of Freelance Jobs

While this does take some skill and practice to master, it can be quite the feeling of not having to listen to anyone but yourself. As long as you know how to best get your work done, it’s smooth sailing. Give yourself a bigger workload, take the day off, or anything in between. The point is, you get to choose.

6. A freelance a day keeps the doctor away

One of the reasons why people don’t switch to full-time freelance work is that their company provides them with health and insurance coverage benefits. But even without that, you’ll be making fewer trips to the hospital because you’re not exposed to as many health risks that you can’t control if you choose to work from home.

Noticeably, most people who are sick come into work anyway. And if you fall sick because of them, not only do you have to make a trip to the clinic, but you might lose out on a day’s pay. This could also happen because you sat next to someone on the bus during your commute to work.

When you work from home, you get to take steps to minimize how much you interact with potential health risks such as sick co-workers or unhygienic office environments. And that means you meet the doctor less often, although it wouldn’t hurt to keep some apples around too.

7. Cancel that Uber

Regardless of how busy or relaxed your day is, all of us only have 24 hours in a day.

Picture this: you’ve got a job at a company that’s situated half an hour from where you live. That’s an hour spent every day where you could have been doing something else – even working.

Benefits of Freelance Jobs

It’s an hour of extra sleep. It’s an hour of travel that costs money, which adds up over the month, eating into the amount you make. It’s an hour of staring out of the window or at your phone, trying to distract yourself from what you could otherwise be doing, or plan to do once you reach your destination. Less time traveling equals more time doing what you actually want.

8. #selfcare

Freelancing opens up a lot of time during the day, which otherwise would have been spent sitting at your workplace desk. Even if you have nothing to do, you feel obligated to spend a certain number of hours at work so that you don’t look bad. When you work on your own terms, the only thing that defines how you look, from a business perspective, is your work itself.

You could take an hour off during the day to catch up on a Netflix special, or even go to the gym and live a healthier lifestyle. Also, remember how you’ve been meaning to learn the guitar but just can’t find the time? Rather than trying to squeeze your pursuits into before and after work hours, you can fit your work hours around your personal pursuits.

9. Mr. Worldwide

There’s no limit on who you can approach or who can approach you — at least not in terms of geographical location. You could be working for multiple clients who live in different parts of the world, all from your desk at home or local coffee shop. And a lot of large companies are doing this now too.

Benefits of Freelance Jobs

A research study performed by Upwork and Freelancers Union in the U.S. suggests that freelance workers will make for the majority of the nation’s workforce in the next 8 years. So If you have the necessary skills, clients don’t have any reason to prefer someone who works in the same city or country as them, and neither do you.

10. Skills pay the bills

At no point should you feel like your work is undervalued? And that’s why when you freelance, you get to set your own price. If the pay is too low, you can ask for a higher amount or drop the client. Now, obviously, when you’re starting out, you need to make a name for yourself. But once you can show that your work is worth what you ask for, the sky is the limit.


Regardless of whether you go into a full-time freelance career or just decide to just work part-time from home, it’s a learning experience. You get a better understanding of your own skills, how the market works, and what you need to improve in your work to move forward.

Importantly, you also become exposed to aspects of your work that would have otherwise been unknown to you. And the more you learn, the more you grow. Because freelance work isn’t just about making money to survive — it’s about living your best life to become a better professional.

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