Part-Time Jobs for Engineering Students

Every year there are thousands of students who appear in engineering college to get a degree that will help them secure a good job. Amongst those, there are some students who want to start a career even before they get a degree. While the idea of exploring “part-time jobs for engineering students” makes sense, the question regarding how to do it arises. There are around 9400 students a month in the U.S that are looking for internships. But then it would be great to go for a position that pays you well rather than doing a non-paid internship. In student life, everyone needs some extra cash to fulfill their dreams.

You need not worry about looking for jobs that fit your qualifications rather you can go for any stream of your interest. There are always some outstanding quality in every student apart from academics that will help you build your career. You can bring out your strongest point and work on that gig. While looking for a part-time job, visualize the flexibility of time and the amount being paid. There are numerous jobs out there that can fit your criteria and a busy schedule, all you need to do is search for the right one. 

So, before you start your search here is the greatest advice of all, to build a resume that can leave a significant impact on the recruiter. In order to save your time and efforts here are 10 part-time jobs for engineering students to pursue:

Data entry

Part-time jobs for Engineering Students

If you are from an IT field or you have an amazing typing skill then this one is the best idea for you. You can sign up on any freelancing website to search for such jobs and just by spending 3-4 hours a day you can earn up to $30 to $45. All you need to do is use computer data, e-magazines, ebooks, data processing programs or other internet publications to enter data into a database or documentation program. Many a time you may be needed to transcribe data from recordings, audios, and phone conversations. According to the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, a growth of 3% is expected by 2026 (1) Data entry jobs are available offline as well in the travel sector to keep a check on clients booking and reservations. So you can go with any of the modes depending upon your time schedule. 


Part-time jobs for Engineering Students

For those who are good with their academics, this can be a great choice. Online tutoring jobs a quiet trending nowadays. Since this is an era of computer technology and smartphones so everyone wants to stay at home and get tuitions. As an online tutor, your job is to help the student with the subject that they learn at school or college. Your job is to support their learning at all possible levels. You would be required to assess the progress of the student and to make necessary efforts wherever required. Generally, video calling is a medium for online tutoring. You can earn up to an average of $19.65 hourly (2) depending upon the location, experience, and the sector whether private or public. This can be an evening or weekend job making it easy to manage your schedule as well. 

Content writing

Part-time jobs for Engineering Students

This is not specific to any kind of engineering branch since it thoroughly depends upon one’s interest in writing. After your study hours, you can work as a freelance writer for some of the well-paying gigs. Sometimes content writing can be lucrative for you if you have the determination of giving a good time to it. All you need is a good writing skill to impress the audience. If you have time, determination, confidence to stick to deadlines and enthusiasm to showcase your skills then you must go on with it. Especially when you write good and you also get paid for that, it’s like an icing on the cake. It’s not for every engineering student but only those who are determined to complete their projects on time. One can earn up to $7 – $90 per hour depending on your skills. 

Career counselor

Part-time jobs for Engineering Students

After your college hours, you could consider working part-time as a career counselor. Your job is to help students decide about their careers, focus on their strengths and work on their lacking points in order to shape them up. While students are becoming career conscious a lot nowadays, surely your role is pivotal. You need to help students in organizing their schedules, management of time for studies, taking a decision about their career. You would be required to take motivational sessions to encourage students and help them develop confidence. 

Brand Ambassador

Part-time jobs for Engineering Students

Every here and there you can get pamphlets handed over in the campus, markets, malls and so on. This is exactly an act of promoting the brand. Such people are exactly known as brand ambassador of that particular brand. They are being paid for the promotion of brands and their products in society in order to increase their business. Since it’s a daily paying job it will be a great help to make some pocket money. This job offers a flexible time so students can easily do this work. Your college campus and the shopping area around can be the focus of your brand promotion. You can earn up to $16 dollars per hour. 

Fitness trainer

Part-time jobs for Engineering Students

To chose this as a part-time job you need to be fit and have a certification as a trainer. A good knowledge of regular exercises and gym workouts might help you get through. You can work in health clubs, recreation centers, gym, yoga center, and fitness clubs. A median annual wage of fitness trainer may range up to $35000 – $39800. You need to put most of the effort into the motivation and instruction of individuals in exercise activities. 

Social media coordinator

Part-time jobs for Engineering Students

This job is meant for those who have a keen interest in social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and many more. They need to implement and promote online marketing strategies through social media. Since its a tech-based job you can work sitting at your rooms. All you need is knowledge about the proficient use of social media through blogging, discussion, chat rooms, and search platforms. You just need to create content that will attract the audience to like your page and increase the traffic to the official website of your company. You can make $15.52 per hour. 

Freelance photographer

Part-time jobs for Engineering Students

If you have that spark in you to bring life to photographs, then you are going to be a great photographer. It’s no worry if you have chosen engineering as a career you can still pursue your hobby by doing freelance photography after your study hours. You can be an event, portrait, wedding, commercial, products, travel or a news photographer. All that needs to be done is a little research on all the equipment you would need. Recruiters can be contacted for projects in order to get paid for your work. 

Retail Salesman

Part-time jobs for Engineering Students

You can join any of the nearest megastore or a retail shop as a salesman in your free time. Your work will include greeting customers, offering assistance, suggesting suitable items as per their needs, and giving information about the products. It might be a little fussy in the beginning but you will start to enjoy your work after you gain some experience. Moreover, you don’t need any specific qualifications or experience for this job.  You will be paid based on the time served.

Event management staff

Part-time jobs for Engineering Students

If you have an interest in arts, music, plays, and theatre you can be the one to arrange for events. Here you can get an opportunity to earn as well as to enjoy the performance of your favorite ones. You might get other perks like family pass or discount coupons for your work. Depending on your work experience and the location, you can also get a chance to arrange for bigger parties, conferences or delegate meetings. Such exposure can help you build a great career. 


Work isn’t always about money but also about enjoying what you do. A part-time job can help you sharpen your skills and learn something new every day. It will give you a new platform to showcase your skills and live up to your hobbies. All you need to do is to manage your schedule well but never let your studies suffer to earn money. 

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