10 Reasons to be a Freelancer in your 20s

10 Reasons to be a Freelancer in your 20s

During our twenties, we enter a new phase of life. It is that time when we complete our college degrees and step either towards higher education or employment. Being less aware of the employment opportunities, we expect support to guide us well. Freelancing opportunities can be that support to help us frame our careers. According to the reports of a company named Statista, 53% of freelancers belong to the age group of 18-22 in the United States. Another financial services firm called Payoneer also surveyed 2,100 freelancers from 170 countries. The survey revealed around 50% of freelancers to be below the age of 30. Are you still wondering about how freelancing can help you? Let’s throw light on the reasons to be a freelancer in your 20s.

Provides A Kick-start

Any new activity, to be done, requires a gentle kick-start that motivates us to initiate it. The same follows for our career too.

After completing our primary education, we generally aren’t aware of the steps to initiate our careers. We get guidance from our parents, teachers, and peers. But still, we are not confident about ourselves. In such a situation, we can initiate our career as a freelancer and start freelancing in our field of interest. As we begin our projects and earn the initial salary along with the work experience, we become quite confident about our work. We overcome our internal fear of how to proceed with the work-life. We realize our potential and kick-start our career. 

Provides a Great Source of Income

Some people continue their education in their twenties. For such people, freelancing can give them work experience while they are studying concurrently. Apart from that, one can also earn a good income. How good it must feel when you pay your educational fees yourself! 

Learn to make more money as a freelancer!

By taking up freelance jobs, you can become financially independent, and bear your expenses at least to a minimum level. People learn to value money once they make it. By freelancing, you start earning at a young age, thereby understanding the worth of money.

Gain Work Experience

Work experience is useful, and this can be is earned by freelancing. It’s a great way to learn how work must be done, how to handle work pressure, and how to deal with clients. It can make you quite accustomed to corporate life. A great deal of professionalism gets installed in your routine. The work experience gained boosts up your resume by adding value to your skills. Hence, freelancing comes as a combo of many benefits if made use of properly.

Teaches Time Management

Everyone knows that time and tide wait for none. But how well do we understand the underlying meaning of the proverb?

learn to manage time as a freelancer

In teenage, our elders guide us, and hence, we don’t care much about managing our time. But the twenties is an age when one must learn to manage his/her time effectively. Fortunately, by freelancing, you realize the worth of time. You get to decide your work-hours based on your comfort. Clients give a clear deadline to complete projects. A freelancer breaks down the project into sub-tasks, delegates proper timing for each sub-task, and completes the project on time.

There’s nothing wrong with missing deadlines. It will teach you the importance of time, thereby motivating you to make better use of it. Thus, you’ll master time management quickly.

Practice your Passion

fuel your passion

At times, you are passionate about something but afraid that it cannot be extended as a full-time career. You possess some insecurities related to making your passion as a profession. In such situations, freelancing comes to your aid. Take up a secure profession but, follow your passion, as well by freelancing. This helps you work on activities that you love doing while you pursue your full-time job parallelly. Once you’re able to make substantial income off your side-hustle, you could quit your day job. Thus, freelancing allows us to explore our interests.

Helps You become Responsible and Independent

independence and responsibility

A freelancer is a complete enterprise in oneself. You are your boss, employee, guide, mentor, senior, consultant, and everything else. You get to work on different roles, and in the process, you become responsible in life. On the contrary, if you take up a routine job, you get to work only on the designated position and are deprived of the dynamic work experience. Alternatively, you also have a chance of shifting to a different field of work by freelancing. 

Moreover, you become independent in life as you take your decisions and proceed accordingly. Realizing your duties and becoming responsible at an early age of twenties is appreciable, and hence, it is the best age to become a freelancer. 

Greater Thinking and Problem-solving Ability

improve your problem solving skills as a freelancer

When freelancers make their decisions, they start assessing their capabilities and efficiency well. Everyone has the potential, the only thing is, you have to realize it. Any kind of work or job brings some issues or troubles along with it. As a freelancer, you don’t follow anyone’s orders. You have to find a solution to your problems. This makes you think beyond your limits, thereby elevating your thinking capabilities. This will, in turn, give you the confidence to solve any future issues in life. Hence, at a young age, you’ll become a potential thinker and a problem-solver.

Healthy Work Environment

At the workplace, there may be political or other issues in life. You may have colleagues who keep comparing your work to that of others. Occasionally, people may disregard your submissions or suggestions. The work environment, if unfavorable, can disturb you mentally. Sometimes these silly things can crumble one’s self-confidence badly, making them feel inferior. People also lose interest from working at an early age.

Fortunately, such issues don’t exist with freelancing. You are a single person working, and hence, all the decisions are yours. You can reward yourself whenever you’re content with your work. The environment is always pleasant as things happen from your comfort zone. And as you know, at the end of the day, all of us work to be happy in life. Freelancing makes you feel good about your work and motivates you to work further in life. You are, therefore, bestowed with peace of mind and happiness while freelancing.

Become More Social 

Become more social as a freelancer!

When you freelance, you have to get your clients on your own. This requires you to build potential networks with people around you. You have to market your skills well to get the people to trust you. You thereby become a more social person and an extrovert rather than being secluded in your world. 

Communication skills are a must for everyone in life, irrespective of their profession. It is recommended that one should learn these skills at an early age, probably by their twenties, to help them in the future. By freelancing, you get to develop your communication skills and learn to interact well with people. You master these skills at an early age, and hence, it adds a great advantage for you. 

Make Your Own Identity

make your own identity as a freelancer

When you freelance, you build your brand. People know you by your work, and you get to pave your own career path. It’s great for a person to explore his/her identity during this age. And yeah, by freelancing, you get to do just that.


It is believed that if we acquire any skills at an early age, those skills stay with us for a lifetime. By freelancing, you get to initiate your career, enhance your skill-set, elevate your career graph, become a brand in yourself, and enjoy all the benefits right from your comfort zone. When so many advantages and positives are available, it is advisable to grab such opportunities, at the earliest. Hence, your 20s are ideal for becoming a freelancer.

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