16 Steps to Become a Professional Freelancer

Steps to become a professional freelancer

Freelancing has become quite popular these days. A freelancer is someone self-employed and not tied-up with any external regulations and work style. That’s one of the main advantages of being a freelancer. You may start freelancing as a passion, but how do you plan to go about it? Here are the steps to become a professional freelancer:

Be Responsible

There are many advantages to freelancing, such as working from the comfort of your home, favorable working hours, the flexibility of changing the field of work, etc. But, it is always said that with great comfort comes great responsibility. True to that, you must work with determination and passion, and contribute whole-heartedly towards your work. You must consider yourself your boss and guide yourself towards the path of excellence.

Be Aware of your Skills and Passion

Steps to become a freelancer

Write down everything that you are good at and love to do. It could be anything like singing, dancing, writing, programming, or even gaming. You never know which of your passions could benefit you. Let your skills be in the hierarchy of how well versed you are with them. For instance, I am very good at writing blogs, but recently I have also tried writing novels. Hence, I must give a higher rank to my blogging skills than to my novel-writing skills. List your skills and passions, keeping this in mind.

Find the Right Platform

You can’t just wait for opportunities to come by. You have to find platforms that offer freelancing opportunities. Platforms like LinkedIn, Freelancer, Glassdoor, etc. offer all types of freelancing opportunities. You can find the appropriate ones there and directly contact the concerned people.

Choose the Most Favourable Ones

The above-mentioned platforms have a variety of freelance work, but you shouldn’t get confused with all that’s available. This is where the list of skills that you have prepared proves to be beneficial. Try matching the freelancing opportunities with the skills you possess. For instance, consider the earlier example. If there are two jobs, blogging and story writing, I must give priority to blogging. But, if there aren’t enough blogging opportunities, I could explore story-writing.

Make your Profile Appealing

Steps to become a freelancer

The first thing your client would be interested to see is your work profile. The first impression is considered to be the last one. Hence, take good care while maintaining your online presence. Make sure you put all the required details on your profile along with your best projects to help them assess your skills. Also, do provide your contact information for them to reach you with ease.

Reach Out to the People and Build Potential Networks

Steps to become a freelancer

Let the world know that you are a freelancer! This will help you get clients as well as professional guidance. Try building networks with the people that share similar interests and also be a part of concerned communities. Social media is one of the best platforms to market your freelancing ability. Post your recent projects on social media and get people to review them. This would help you find potential clients and also increase your clout. After all, when you are freelancing, you have to market yourself.

Always Give Your Best

When you get to work for a client, do not take it lightly. However big or small the project or client maybe, the intensity of your dedication and efforts towards the project’s completion must be the same. Once you satisfy your client with the best service, they will return to you in the future. Perhaps they might bring you a few more potential clients from their network.

Decide the Most Favourable Working Hours and Place

Steps to become a freelancer

You must be aware of the hours when you can work with concentration, without getting disturbed. When you work for hours experiencing constant interruption, those hours get wasted. Instead, find the best time of the day for working, and also the best place where your mind is calm. For example, trying to meditate in a discotheque would be a complete waste of time.

Review Your Project Before Delivering it

You must carefully review your work and check whether it meets all the requirements of the client and is error-free. Only then deliver it to the client to avoid any issues further.

Stick to the Deadlines

Set achievable deadlines for your work and try adhering to it. This will give your clients a good impression. Unachievable deadlines never end well, and this can disappoint your clients. 

Keep Updating Oneself

Stay updated!

The world is so fast nowadays, and things are changing rapidly. It becomes necessary for everyone to update their skills regularly to compete with everyday work challenges. For example, you can’t survive as a full-time software programmer in today’s world by just knowing the Basic C language. You have to update yourself with other programming languages and keep up with their future changes. The same applies to any skill. While knowing the basics is good, it isn’t good enough to stay on top of the game.

Try Multi-tasking

Steps to become a freelancer

Once you launch yourself as a potential freelancer, in a particular field, you could explore other opportunities, and look for other sources of income as well. For example, if you have established yourself as a blogger, you could try your hands on affiliate marketing, and social marketing as well.

This will increase your income and enhance your skillset as well. It would also be refreshing to work on different projects. For example, your client wouldn’t have to hire two people for two tasks. He could get both the services done by someone who holds both skillsets.

Evaluate Your Income Regularly

Steps to become a freelancer

Have a proper check on your income for the services that you render and try updating your prices regularly. You must receive the income that you deserve for what you bring to the table.

Try Balancing Your Income and Expenditures Accordingly

You must be aware of the expenses on your work and keep them well below the income that you receive so that your efforts prove profitable in the economic terms.

Be Aware of the Working Style of Other Successful Freelancers

Learn from other freelancers.

It makes sense to be aware of the working style of fellow freelancers. Understanding their strengths will instigate you to enhance your skills, work efficiently, and make the required improvements.

Finally, Never Give Up

Never give up!

There may be times when you feel bored with your work or dissatisfied with it. In such situations, you have to motivate yourself to never give up and keep working regularly. As already stated, when you work as a freelancer, you are your boss. Hence, you must correct yourselves when you go wrong, reward yourselves when you succeed, guide yourselves on how to excel further, and motivate yourselves to keep working.


These are the few important points to note down as you pursue freelancing professionally.

As a freelancer, treat yourself like an enterprise that must fulfill all major roles, from reaching out to clients to meeting deadlines. In short, being passionate and motivated is the trick to excelling as a freelancer.

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