Top Jobs That Don’t Require a Computer

Top jobs that don't require a computer

We are aware of the freelancing options available. Most of them require the use of a computer, and as a result, we rely on them a lot. But extended computer usage can have affect health adversely. Facing the computer screens for a long time can spoil your eyesight, lead to back pain, etc. Owing to such reasons, people hunt for freelancing jobs that don’t require the use of a computer. 

It is surprising to know that multiple roles don’t require a computer. This proves that we can make money without it. Many freelancing jobs fall into this category, so let’s go through a few of them!

Cooking and Baking

cooking and baking - jobs that don't require a computer

Cooking skills are quintessential in life. Few people cook or bake as a passion rather than a duty. If you are an ace at baking, you can open your in-house bakery, and take orders from the clients. It, of course, takes some time to flourish as a renowned chef. Your constant efforts and dedication can scale up your career graph well. 

You can shoot cooking videos, of yourself, and post them on social media to reach a wider group of audience. These days, a computer isn’t your only way to access social media. A mobile phone can provide access to all your social media accounts. You can post your videos or recipes in a matter of a few minutes, with minimum hassle.


handicrafts - jobs that don't require a computer

Everyone admires creativity. Crafts, hand-made jewelry, and other hand-made items are appreciated all over the world. Hence, if you are creative, you can make such things and sell them. You can make greeting cards, gift boxes, paintings, hand-made soaps, perfumes, hand-made jewelry, etc. You can also post videos of your creative arts for the public to view. 



Teaching provides value that lasts forever. It is more of a service than a source of income, and you can teach students in fields that interest you. Teaching not only applies to academics but also DIY tasks, cooking, baking, dancing, etc. As mentioned earlier, you can upload your tutorial videos online for people to view and learn from them. This way you’ll not only help people at large but also become popular in a few days. You can get inspiration from the various tutorial videos available online to grasp the appropriate methodology of teaching.



Driving is a great skill to have in today’s world. True to this, most of the people are skilled to drive these days. 

But how can driving help you earn income? Let’s ponder over to find the answer to the above question.

There are many emerging gig-economies within food delivery services, online shopping services, etc. These services are popular and user-friendly, and they offer convenient services with the tap of a button. Such services require people who can cater to customer requirements on time. This is a great source of part-time income, and young adults are using this to earn more!



These days, people are all busy in their work-life. Both the individuals in the couple are working and attending the office. When both individuals are working, they require someone to take care of their babies/children. That is where baby sitters are in demand. Baby-sitting is a great way to have a change from the daily routine. The mind feels relaxed by spending time with children. But of course, baby-sitting demands a great deal of patience and experience.


Translation - jobs that don't require a computer

The love for literature has always been prevalent among the people of all time. Reading books or magazines not only provides a source of entertainment but also provides knowledge to the readers. There are many great works of literature available in the world. But sometimes, great works are limited only to a particular group of people, owing to language constraints. If books are appropriately translated into other languages, everyone would be able to enjoy them. Translators with the fluency of language can discharge this job well.


Acupuncturist - jobs that don't require a computer

Life is so busy in modern times. An average human works nearly 16 hours a day, including the job, personal activities, etc. Working for long naturally leads to body pain and other health issues. Acupuncture is a natural way to help ease out such pains. If you possess good knowledge of acupuncture, you can give acupuncture services to the people in need. You can conduct acupuncture teaching classes and benefit people on a large scale. Such things, if learned, prove to be very useful for the entire lifetime. And, it definitely comes under the list of jobs that don’t require a computer.


Photography - jobs that don't require a computer

Pictures and photos constitute a lot of data these days. Images are helpful in many areas of the world. There was a time when photography was just a hobby, but these days, it’s regarded as a full-time profession. This owes to the importance of images to study various things in different fields. Photographers are highly appreciated for their impressive works, and their tasks aren’t highly reliant on a computer.


repairing - jobs that don't require a computer

Every activity of our day-to-day life requires the use of an electronic gadget or machine. These gadgets tend to encounter issues with regular usage. If you are good at repairing them, there is a great job opportunity for you as a technician. This job requires good knowledge of gadgets and how to deal with them.


Beautician - jobs that don't require a computer

Most of us love to look good. We wish to be presentable, and at the same time, take proper care of our skin and body. A beautician can effectively guide us on how to look beautiful and presentable. If you are good at doing makeovers, applying tattoos, hairstyling, etc. , you can have a great career in that field. You can share makeup tutorials and your reviews of beauty products on social media platforms.


Dietician - jobs that don't require a computer

The importance of a balanced diet is well known. Everyone aspires to look good, keeping healthy can make that easier! There are many diseases prevalent these days, and they are majorly caused by a bad diet lifestyle. This brings the need of a dietician in our lives.

A dietician suggests proper diet plans that suit our body. These plans allow people to maintain healthy eating habits. A healthy body will lead to peace of mind. Also, you don’t require a computer to be a part of such jobs.


These are a few jobs that don’t require a computer. There are a few more jobs that are not listed here but can be a potential career option too. It is certainly not an issue if you are not able to access a computer, you still have some great career options left at your disposal. You have to just identify your passion and your potential, and proceed on the path of achieving what you desire. If you are passionate about something, nothing can hinder you from making it your career.

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